We offers the following courses,accredited by the Acupuncture Society:

1. Chinese Massage (Tuina) Course , 6 months, certificate;
2. Acupuncture plus Tuina Course, 1 year , certificate;
3. Herbal Medicines & TCM Formulas Course, 1 year, certificate;
4. TCM Clinical Theory & Practice Courses, 1 year, certificate ;
5. TCM Classics Courses, 1 year, 【Nei Jing】, 【Shang Han Lun】, 【Jing Kui Yao Lue 】, etc. certificate.
6. 4-Year TCM & Acupuncture Diploma Course.
7. 3-Year Master's Degree and 3-Year Doctoral Degree Courses.
8. Teaching methods :face-to-face, online teaching and clinical practice;Teaching languages :English, Chinese , Turkish, etc.
9. The latest enrollment information:Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has started enrollment until May 2023. You can apply online. For details, please read page 5 of the detail information link in this column; You can also directly download the application form below, fill out,scan and send it to us: prof.engincan@hotmail.co.uk
detail information
1. The patients are treated by experienced TCM & Herbal specialists in our centre;

2. We also provide home visit services for those could not come the centre;

3. An appointment should be made ahead.

Information on our clinic


255 Gray's Inn Road ,King's Cross ,London WC1X 8QT United Kingdom

Tel: 020 3509 9050 , 07846193488
Prof. Engin CAN (Enqin Zhang), a British national, is the worldwide well-known scholar and fully qualified and experienced doctor & professor in Chinese medicine. He started to study Chinese medicine at Shandong College of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in 1972 &graduated from Shandong University of TCM in 1982 with Master of Medicine; also obtained M.D. from Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya , the dean of Medicina Alternativa Institute in 1992. He has rich experiences in treating following conditions: gastritis, peptic ulcer ,infection of biliary tract and gall stone, prostatitis, IBS , asthma ,cough, headache, migraine , stress , insomnia, depression , dizziness , Meniere’s disease , skin diseases, menoxenia, uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, infertility, etc. He has done a lot of research works and written many medical books, such as ‘ Research in Classical Formulas’ ,published by Yellow River Press in 1989; ‘A Practical English-Chinese Library of Traditional Chinese Medicine’, composed of 14 books, the first of its kind of English-Chinese bilingual series on Chinese medicine in the world ...read more